sababu za kukuzuia usichangie damu

Deferral Criteria  

Blood donors who do not meet acceptance criteria for donating blood are deferred either temporary or permanently depending on the deferral reason. The following are some of the reasons for which blood donors can be deferred. Details can be found in Donor Selection Guidelines.                                                                                                                   

Age: < 18 years and >65 years

Weight: < 50kg

Haemoglobin level: <12.5g/dl

Health status: The potential blood donor is not feeling well, has chronic diseases like diabetes, High blood Pressure etc, is a known patient for HIV, HBV, HCV, Syphilis or any other transfusion-transmissible infection.

Interval between donations: The prospective blood donor  donated within a period less than 3 months  for males and  within a period less than 4 months  for females

Medications: Donors who have ingested aspirin or similar drugs within 72 hours prior to donation are not accepted for blood intended for platelet production or for platelet-pheresis.