Kwanini uchangie damu

The estimated need of blood, based on World Health Organisation (WHO) is 1% of the total population. The estimated need is therefore 550,000 donations in 2022 based on pupulation projections of the 2012 cencus. Current number of annual donations collected fall below this estimation as annual collection for 2020/2021 was 330,000 blood units. The data clearly show unmet blood need in the country. Therefore, NBTS urges all eligible individuals throughout the country to donate blood in order to cover the gap of unmet demand which is about 40%.

Donating blood is an act of charity as it saves the lives of those in need. NBTS promotes this by a popular slogan that says "Donate Blood Save Lives"

In Tanzania pregnant mothers who bleed during delivery, children under 5 years, victims of road accidents and cancer patients are the categories of patients who use a higher proportion of donated blood and blood components. Thus everyone is urged to donate blood in order to ensure stock of the blood banks is maintained in order to save the lives in need especially in support of the agenda to reduce maternal deaths in Tanzania.